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076 One language

June 17, 2017 | Permalink

For the people of Babel, they had an overriding desire, the desire to avoid being scattered over the face of the earth (11:4).  It was their desire, not God’s.  As such it was a direct act of rebellion against the commands of God (9:1,7); against God Himself.  As a result, God goes down to see what the people are doing and subsequently He judges them.  The consequences?  He confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.

I can but imagine how that must have felt like.  I have been in so many countries and the first few days feel very difficult when not being able to communicate.  You feel lost, you don’t feel.. very great!  But my purpose in communicating with others is not to feel great, but to tell others about the Lord.  Still, I understand, in part, the difficulties of confusion.  For those in Babel, they had no intention of following the Lord.  They wanted their own kingdom, one where they could control everything.

And that’s why God confuses them, to inhibit, if not, take away their control.  Are we any different?  Do we find ourselves controlling our world?  For what purpose?

As disciples, it is to be hoped that we follow the Lord… to make His name great, to spread His name throughout the world.  That’s the language we can all have… a common language… to share about Him.