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077 The Bible is really interesting

June 18, 2017 | Permalink

Reading about the family line of Noah might not seem, at first glance, as part of your Bible reading, all that interesting to most people, but I find it fascinating.  The genealogy starts with Japheth; not too many verses about him, then it moves to Ham; he gets a little more press, before then reaching Shem.  Now Shem has quite a number of verses and after reading through to the end of chapter 10 (and then taking the story of the Tower of Babel into mind) we find yet more verses on Shem.

The sequencing of genealogies in Genesis show those not in the Messianic line are given first, so that we can see the focus on those whose heritage is highly significant. Shem is last and the bulk of chapter 10 and 11 is given to him so that we can see his family line’s importance.  The Scriptures quite often do that; they have well marked structure.

Not only will we see structure but also patterns; repetitions, if you will.  One example is the pattern regarding a specific issue; that of separation. This is something you should be on the look out for as we head into Genesis chapters twelve and onwards.  Abraham separates from Lot, Isaac from Ishamel, Jacob from Esau.

God gives us His Scriptures in many different forms and it is always interesting.

These structures and patterns are there to help guide us, to see how God places emphasis, so that our attention can be drawn effectively.  Sometimes you might feel there is a mystery to the Bible that makes for confusion.  That’s not the intent.  God wants us to understand Him and His ways.  There is mystery, but I think that the way He communicates to us draws us, in part, often by using what we might think is mysterious, but is really His unfolding revelation.  Why?  To help us see more deeply.