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Latest Study: The Book of Exodus

Who is the main character in the Book of Exodus?  Not Moses... it's God!

The big idea of the book: “To have His people learn to know Yahweh.”

Enjoy these PowerPoint slides.

PowerPoint Slides on the Book of Exodus


Latest Study: The Epistle of James

Widely recognized as the first recorded document of the New Testament.  This is a great place to start your study.

The big idea of the epistle is “living out faith; the maturing fruit of salvation.”

Read through the Background notes I've provided and then read James with the Outline Handout to help guide you.

Basic Background and Outline Handout of the Epistle of James


Study Guides

Below are a series of articles aimed at helping you to study the Bible such that both your heart and mind are enlivened.  

Try a few to get the feel of the different aspects of what it means to study the Bible.  Go for it!

Old Testament

Click here to take you to the Old Testament Study Guides!


New Testament

Click here to take you to the New Testament Study Guides!